I am a surface designer based in Cambridge, MA. My influences range from Dr. Seuss to Sir Terrance Conran.  I have been gainfully employed in the animation and media design industry as a producer for many years, also dabbling in architecture. What I love about design is the synthesis of color, texture, and space to evoke a feeling or an idea.

As a young girl I used to design houses and clothing for my “Troll Dolls” and “Barbie’s” out of found objects be it paper plates for canopy beds, wooden boxes for televisions or collected pieces of material for “Troll” and “Barbie” clothing. 

My line of throw pillows is a continuation of these interests. The illustrations which I create come from my imagination starting with a simple line or shape, usually while I’m taking notes, or talking on the phone.

I begin the process by scanning the original drawings into the computer, cleaning them up a bit, and creating patterns.  Once the patterns are created they are printed onto fabric then sewn into pillows.